Ajmal Regina For Women Eau De Parfum  75ML

Ajmal Regina For Women Eau De Parfum 75ML

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Ajmal Regina For Women Perfume by Ajmal, A sweet and fruity fragrance for women, Ajmal Regina was released to the public in 2016. Praline is the strongest note in this perfume, the nutty chocolate facets rising to the top and remaining strong throughout dry down.

  • Lush plum and sweet passionfruit follow, tempering the praline top note with delightful fruity aspects. Rose then makes room for the warm amber and cedar-like mahogany that make up the base, giving the feminine, floral fruity perfume a solid and steady framework.
  • Immersed in perfumery for over 67 years, Ajmal is based in the United Arab Emirates and has a major presence in the Middle East. More than 180 retail outlets are in the Middle East alone, as well as dozens more in the Uae.
  • Perfumers Abdulla Ajmal and Nazir Ajmal collaborate with the company to provide the finest captivating fragrances, and there are more than 300 fragrances under the niche designer’s label