Loreal Thierry Mugler Angel For men  EDT 3.4 oz

Loreal Thierry Mugler Angel For men EDT 3.4 oz

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Angel men 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray Refillable (Rubber) by Thierry Mugler was introduced in 1996. Considered a gourmand scent, this velvety-rich unique combination garners attention no matter where it is worn.

  • Notes of mint and lavender, caramel, rich, dark chocolate and tar combine with that of a spellbinding coffee note give this wild scent the staying power cologne wearers crave. And the scent only gets better the longer it is worn as a soothing patchouli rounds out the wild, sugary ride.
  • The French designer, Thierry Muglar is said to have followed his love for sweets into the creation of the first gourmand fragrance. This trend has now been added to by fragrance creators worldwide.