Ajmal Evoke Gold Edition Eau De Parfum For Women  75Ml

Ajmal Evoke Gold Edition Eau De Parfum For Women 75Ml

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Evoke Gold Perfume by Ajmal, Evoke Gold, released in 2018, is an empowering scent for the bold woman ready for adventure. This unique fragrance fuses delicate femininity with a spiciness fit for complex females ready for anything. It opens with a fragrant blend of pink pepper, black currant and apple.

  • This burst of zesty fruitiness opens the door for a sweet floral heart of peony and lily of the valley. The natural allure of nature beckons again with a lasting finish of vanilla, musk and tonka.
  • Ajmal is a family-owned fragrance house that has been providing unique fragrances nearly 60 years. It was founded in the 1950s as a trading house, famed for its exquisite oud.
  • As the company evolved, it began to create its own line of perfumes and colognes using naturally derived oils.
  • The next generations of the founder continue to follow the lead, creating scents and body product for a diverse clientele.