Estee Laude Esteer For Women 1.7 oz  EDP

Estee Laude Esteer For Women 1.7 oz EDP

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Estee Laude Esteer For Women 1.7 oz Super Eau De Parfum Spray is the second fragrance ever made by Estee Lauder. This woody floral scent debuted in 1968, with explicitly feminine notes.

  • Lemon, peach and raspberry make up a few of the top notes for a deliciously fruity combination. Honey, jasmine, rose and iris add a classical sweet scent to the mix. Sandalwood and cedar bring warmth and a little bit of spice to the fragrance.
  • This long-lasting perfume is made to wear every day for an uplifting, sensual air. Wearers are guaranteed compliments as this romantic aroma turns heads.
  • Lauder’s fashion brand began after she started working with her uncle, a chemist who made body creams and fragrances.
  • She sold his products to her friends and once said she had never worked a day in her life without selling.
  • Lauder introduced her first fragrance in 1953. In its first year, Youth-Dew, a scented bath oil, sold 50,000 bottles and quickly became a household staple for women of all ages.