Ajmal Danat Al Duniya  60ML

Ajmal Danat Al Duniya 60ML

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Ajmal Danat Al Duniya Amor Perfume by Ajmal, Bathe in the sensuousness of a one-of-a-kind and exotic scent. Ajmal Danat Al Duniya Amor is filled with a panoply of floral and fruit notes for a dizzying effect.

  • A few spritzes fill a room with a feminine vibe and trails you wherever you go. It’s the perfect topper to add allure to your outfit, whether you’re heading to a meeting or a date. It’s easy to get carried away with one whiff of this sweet scent, so it includes woodsy notes and musk for a hint of earthiness.
  • This fragrance is an excellent way to exude love, so of course it’s appropriate that it’s encapsulated in a fire-red flask.
  • This perfume launched in 2017 by Ajmal. The company is based in the United Arab Emirates and has an esteemed 60-year history sharing the traditions of the region.
  • It has released over 200 creations to great success and its innovation never stops to meet consumer demand.